DCI World Class 2009 Programs

For those of us following along at home, here is a list of 2009 programs as announced by competing DCI World Class corps. I’ve also included links to #drumcorps who are on Twitter.

This list is as complete as possible at time of posting. I will Tweet future updates to this list on my Twitter account. Please feel free to help me fill in the holes (or submit corrections) in a comment. If citing a program title, please include link(s) to where you found the information.


The Ascent@AcademyCorps

Crossmen from San Antonio, Texas “Forbidden”
Glassmen from Toledo, Ohio Journey of ONE
blue_knights “Shiver”
Jersey Surf from Camden County, New Jersey TBA
blue_stars “The Factory”
Madison Scouts from Madison, Wisconsin Relámpago
Bluecoats from North Canton, Ohio
Mandarins from Sacramento, California “Absolute”
Boston Crusaders from Boston, Massachusetts “The Core of Temptation”
Pacific Crest from Diamond Bar, California El Corazon de la Gente
The Cadets from Allentown, Pennsylvania “Lenny”
Phantom Regiment from Rockford, Illinois “The Red Violin”
Carolina Crown from Fort Mill, South Carolina “Grass is Always Greener”
Pioneer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin “Celtic Trinity”
Cascades from Seattle, Washington “Beyond the Green Forest”

Santa Clara Vanguard from Santa Clara, California “Ballet for Martha”
The Cavaliers from Rosemont, Illinois “The Great Divide”
Spirit from Jacksonville, Alabama “Live… In Concert!”
Colts from Dubuque, Iowa “Fathoms”
Troopers from Casper, Wyoming “Western Side Story”

Last updated: June 29, 2009

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I’m very happy to include Jersey Surf on this list. Surf rehearses and parks their trucks about two miles down the road from the house I grew up in. They’ve come a long way since that exhibition in Berlin Park, where I first saw them so many years ago…

Congratulations and good luck in your first year of World Class competition!


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