Your Corp Just Melted My Brain

And this happened over and over and over again.

From the bottom of the pack to Phantom, I enjoyed all of the shows. I loved Madison Scouts’ musical selection and really enjoyed Boston Crusader’s show, Neocosmos. I loved that the Blue Coats sustained the “On the Waterfront” theme throughout their show, The Knockout. There were some concepts that really stood out, like the Glassmen’s Kar-nev-al (great job by the guard!) and the Blue Stars’ cycling theme. And then there was pure sensory overload: my Cavies (Samurai), Crown (Finis) and Phantom (Spartacus). The Blue Devils were flawless but their show concept wasn’t as immediately likable.

Tim and I were 7 rows up on the 40, so we had great seats for watching pit (which was useful when trying to figure out all of the instruments the Cavies were using in Samurai). I took note of a curious seating dynamic. When I saw the World Class Finals in 2000 (the year of the Cavie-Cadet tie), the cheap seats I sat in were WAY rowdier. There was a greater modicum of dignity in the more expensive seats- everyone still got into the performances, but there was less random shouting, commenting, etc., and fans always waited until the end of a show to give a standing ovation (which was done for every competing corp).

Another similarity on a more personal level: tension headaches. Apparently, DCI Finals induce head trauma in Jen-types. Although, I think skipping a meal (stadium food probably can’t even be called food at all) is probably just as much the culprit as the mind-melting Crown hornline.


  • Marine Corp playing “Malaguena”
  • Phantom’s ‘slain’ drum major being dragged ‘dead’ to his place in the retreat and shrouded; he showed a remarkable recovery when scores and awards were announced though!
  • Crown guard, in character even during retreat, conducting the wave in the stands
  • Pit members in the cages are always the biggest hams- a show of its own

I can’t get the music from Samurai out of my head.