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Weekend Wonders

In a flurry of happenings this weekend, I didn’t get a chance to post about Saturday. I finally saw the Indianapolis Zoo, which was quite enjoyable. Tim and I were there when the gates opened, so we had the run of the place. We encountered some quirky emus. One seemed to think that a map dropped into his enclosure was especially tasty. Mmm… high gloss finish… They followed us around but I think the emus caught a whiff of the color print on my person and were too busy coveting the map I was carrying to take any real interest in Tim or I. The emus had personality but I think the lemurs were my favorite. I love the way they move.

The gardens were beautiful. It’s not hard to get inspired in a place like this. I particularly liked the knot gardens. How cool would it be to reproduce a knot from the Book of Kells in plant form? The butterfly exhibit was… relaxing. Note to self: near the bench in the future garden I will have, plant butterfly-attracting flowers.

Tim and I had time to kill before seeing Video Games Live in the evening so we grabbed some lunch and then caught an early afternoon screening of Star Wars: The Clone Wars (hey, this was geek-out day and we sure as hell weren’t seeing Tropic Thunder). Clone Wars was a decent way to pass an afternoon. I did have a few nit-picky qualms. The pacing was a bit sluggish at times and Genndy Tartakovsky‘s animation was sorely missed (judging from the names appearing in the credits, most of the animation was done overseas). I was also a bit irritated with the screenwriting in places. A ‘younger’ target audience does not necessitate dumbed-down dialogue. Kids are sharp; they’ll get it. Please spare the other 85% of the audience who are over 16 years of age. End rant.

We killed some time in the Circle Center Mall and enjoyed seeing cosplayers who were out in force for GenCon. We ate dinner and then sat at the fountain and ranted about the Twilight series before queuing up for VGL at the Hilbert Circle Theatre. VGL was awesome. They encored “One Winged Angel” and “Castlevania.” Le sigh.

Sunday I dragged Russ out to AT&T to get a wireless plan. We’re going to be getting rid of our landline and switching to dry-loop DSL. Unfortunately, AT&T policy dictates canceling our current landline and DSL service and then signing up for the dry-loop (they won’t process an order for dry-loop if they see a landline on the account). Translation: up to a week without DSL. This makes me hurt but there’s no way around it. In the end, it’ll be worth it. We’ll being paying about the same, if not less, AND I finally have a mobile. There are a few unforeseen exciting things to try out as a result of this new development too, like Blogger Mobile.

LISTENING: nothing. My ipod is in hiding- and just when I finally broke down and bought a few DCI show audios too. No Samurai. No Finis. Woe.