Sweet Endings

For the record, Carolina Crown’s 2008 show Finis looks and sounds like it will be amazing. Mom saw an article in the Herald Times (yes, the parent creatures are visiting, yay!) so we dropped by and watched ensemble last night at Bloomington High School South. We walked into the stands to Clair de Lune (which was partnered with Somewhere for their ballad, le sigh!) and were later treated to a full run through.

For anyone interested (if you’ve never seen a drum and bugle corp perform, check it out), Carolina Crown will be at BHSS tonight at 8pm (and word from the lead mello indicates that they will be doing a full dress on Friday night around 7pm as well). The staff didn’t seem particularly opposed to spectators, should you happen to arrive earlier. I was rather opposed to those parents who couldn’t keep their offspring from running/clomping back and forth on the bleachers during run through. Resisting. Rant. Concerning. Performance. Etiquette. Do not be THAT spectator. Ever.

If I wasn’t already ridiculously psyched that 40 or so of the best corps in the world are going to be within hearing range of my door step (literally), I sure as hell am now. Seven weeks!

2008 DCI World Championships