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Actions Speak Louder

“Straight talk,” huh? I tried to keep an open mind. I tried to focus solely on McCain’s policies and his past voting record when making judgments. And then this post on Michael Sauer’s blog appeared in my feed reader (thanks, Michael!). Now, not only do I think McCain’s policies are critically flawed, I believe the man’s underhanded means in which he will carry out said policies are a downright danger to this country’s founding principles.

You can take or leave my opinions and MSNBC’s analysis but the implications of this event in terms of transparency, democracy and our most basic freedoms (all of which have already been mutilated by the Bush regime) should be frightening even to the staunchest conservative.

A note to the McCain contingency on effectively repressing ideas and information contrary to the party line: don’t target the LIBRARIAN with the harmless sign.

Information is our business- regardless of whom that information serves. We do not tolerate censorship.

We believe in intellectual freedom. We believe in equal access. We believe in democracy.

You are not fooling anyone. You will not silence truth.

We are watching.