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And Rambling Ensued

Crown beats the Cadets

The Cadets have been on top (or damn near) for the duration of the relatively short time I’ve followed DCI. For a fairly new corp to come along and upset one of the top scoring corps… Well, check out this YouTube user for full shows from Crown, Cadets and Crusaders (placing first, second and fourth respectively at Orlando this past weekend) and see if you agree with the judges. I’m eager to see how this weekend shapes up (Southwestern Championship). How will Crown and the Cadets fare against BD and the Cavies (the later two corps were undefeated until they faced off in Denver)?

I’m always transformed into a state of simultaneous irritation and awe when reading comments (especially those that suggest Crown’s music is easier than that of other corps- sure, OK, you round up a bunch of kids and have them play it). I’ll give the fans this much: they’re dedicated, even if they can be confrontational asshats at times. When I go to these shows, I find something in just about corp that blows me away. I try not to let the hair-splitting and mud-slinging distract me from enjoying an incredible performance from each corp. I have favorites (why can’t I find a recent full show from my Cavies?! I’ve only heard snippets from Samurai. Come ON, people, post those vids!) but every year is a fresh slate for me. Let me see what you can do.


I read the word ‘asshats’ on Tammy Pierce’s blog this morning (and her post does highlight some serious as.shattery) and for some bizarre reason, I heard the word pronounced in my head ‘as-shats’ (shat = past tense of shit?). Now I’m semi-obsessed with using that word and pronouncing it- aloud or in my head- incorrectly.

Bite me

I am not ashamed to admit that I am a huge fan of YA fiction (and how could I not after working in a YA department with a bunch of totally cool teens?). I read Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer, over Thanksgiving on a strong recommendation and got hooked. I immediately went out and bought New Moon and Eclipse. The series keeps getting compared to the next Harry Potter franchise (especially with a movie adaptation on the way). When I read the books, I didn’t realize how rampant the fanbase already was- otherwise I probably would have passed, just like I did on HP series (until I met Russell). Occasionally, I get sucked into book hype. It happens. On the other hand, I like stepping out of the fandom to analyze the phenomenon. Why ARE these books so popular? Why does every teenage girl (and grown women and mothers) want an undead boy of their very own? A future post perhaps.

I still haven’t seen the trailer on the big screen (I’ve seen two movies since the trailer was released). I have a sick notion that if and when I do, I’ll be compelled to start howling and yelling “Team werewolf!” so that I may enjoy the incensed and utterly ridiculous protestations of vampire-loving fangirls. I love the books too, kids but seriously, it’s just a story (and dog-boys need love too!). Nonetheless, I’m getting psyched about Breaking Dawn.

Green Men

I watched an episode or two (before falling asleep on the warm, comfy spouse-creature) of The Incredible Hulk series. I was surprised to find how much I enjoyed the tales of the not-so-jolly green giant. I’m biding my time to quote the following:

Mr. McGee, don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.