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Still Alive

I’m past the whiny phase of being sick, so it’s probably safe to post again. The flu completely kicked my arse this week. I woke up Saturday feeling fine and by Sunday morning I couldn’t move or eat without being sick. The sinus pressure in my face was so bad that my teeth were throbbing. Now I’m up and about but my lungs feel like lead so I finally went to the walk-in clinic this morning and loaded up on drugs. I should be on the mend. Thanks to Plucky and the parent-creatures for not hanging up on me when I called Sunday practically in tears. Yeah, I’m a huge baby when I get the flu.

Over the past few days, I’ve been distracting myself by reading (New Moon and Eclipse in preparation for Breaking Dawn arriving on my doorstep within days) and discovering the wonders of Hulu. The later is a pretty big deal to a gal who has zero TV. Overall, I’m content without but I do miss catching the occasional episode of The Daily Show or The Office. I was, however, educated on the dangers of Hulu: it can be a huge time waster.

On a whim, I decided to watch Underworld: Evolution. Clearly, the fever had reached my brain. I vaguely remember not hating the first movie but the sequel felt… lost. But hey, I did get to see Kate Beckinsale nekkid. In fact, whenever she’s standing still for an extended period of time, she’s always posing, as if she were doing a centerfold shoot instead of exchanging important plot-moving dialogue. Bad. Director. Why does a heroine, who has an arsenal of cool superpowers and badass moves, need to resort to using her sex as a weapon? Oh right, because the lead looks hot in (and out of) a cat suit. Mea culpa. Sorry to question you, oh wise Hollywood filmmakers. I suppose my reaction also stems from my sense that the love scene felt so out of place. I didn’t see any romantic development between the leads in this dark, stifling film (even a purely carnal attraction I would have bought- although that wasn’t what the filmmakers were going for), so when the film gods cued the music and slowmo, I almost wondered if I had jumped to another movie entirely. Well, film gods, at least you got in that skin shot. I’ll leave the ranting about how vampire and especially werewolf mythology was mangled in this movie to my spouse-creature. I did just see on IMDB that Beckinsale was in a A&E adaptation of Emma. I’m curious to see her in a role that isn’t over-produced in typical Hollywood style.

In other news, my brain age is 33 according to this nifty thinger. Sigh. I don’t use my brain enough, at least not in the way that this tool measures. Hah. Clearly, more TV is the answer!