Gaming Libraries

Senior Wii Sports

Skokie Public Library hosts Senior Wii Sports night. See the Flickr set here. They look like they’re having a good time!

I recently heard that Russell’s 90+ grandmother has discovered the joys of Wikipedia and Google. She could not believe that no one had bought her a computer sooner (even though quite a few family members had previously offered). She’s giddy with the possibilities presented. Gramma Roch is the type of person who craves knowledge and new experiences (the woman is still traveling all over the world). What can her public library do for her?

Libraries aren’t just vaults for musty old books any more, they’re cultural centers. Learning is no longer a lofty, solitary pursuit, in which a person must lock herself in a room full of books for hours. Information is networked. Some of the best learning is happening in groups. And, as anyone who has played Wii Sports can attest, a different type of learning occurs when you use your entire body rather than just your brain and eyes.

Gramma would pwn Wii Tennis.

Originally seen on a post from TWT.