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Delirium, Cacophonously Induced

Apparently, the changes Phantom Regiment made to their show were well received by judges (and from all accounts, by the fans too). Current standings (bound to change) list the top 5 as: PR, Blue Devils, The Cavaliers, Carolina Crown and The Cadets.

When thinking about posting this morning at the bus stop, I began to amuse myself by composing alternate acronym meanings for DCI, including the following:

  • Drill Creatively Inspired
  • Drums Cause Incapacitation
  • Drop-spins Cure Impotence
  • Dominating Cardinal Intonation
  • Deflowering Corp Insecurities
  • Danger: CROWN/CAVIES Incoming!

In other news, I spent some more of the money remaining on my iTunes gift card. Recent purchases include:

  • Theresa Andersson “Accustomed to the Dark” (I’ll probably be getting her new EP soon, partially, because of this)
  • Eddi Reader “Please Don’t Ask Me to Dance” and “Mary and the Soldier” (the later I now associated with Alice and Jasper, probably because I just spent a week and a half re-reading Meyer’s series).

Both ladies have incredibly rich voices and Theresa plays a pretty wicked fiddle.

I got zero writing done this weekend but I did do some more background reading. I guess I forgot and/or didn’t realize how obsessed ancient Egyptians were with cleanliness, a fact that probably won’t have any affect on what I’m writing but interesting nonetheless. Originally, I was reading for information on burial and afterlife but I suppose I can’t fully comprehend a society’s philosophy about death and the afterlife until I know something about that society’s philosophy on life. There is a lot of discussion about purity, in all aspects of life. Sigh. Still not sure if/how this fits into my project, but the knowledge is sticking with me for a reason…

On the reading front, I’m almost done Far from the Madding Crowd and I’m pretty confident I can finish Hardy while waiting for Breaking Dawn to appear in my mailbox in a day or two. Hopefully, it will materialize before the entire novel is revealed to me by raving, rabid fans.