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I Can Make You a Man

In other news, Playing in Puddles is written by a man!  Or, at least it is according to GenderAnalyzer, a tool that uses AI to determine whether a homepage is written authored by a man or a woman.  Jottings is also written by a man; however, the new and improved is authored by a woman.

When you view the poll results, it seems like GenderAnalyzer is hit or miss for most web authors. The tool still requires more development but the project is rather fascinating. I hope the creators continue to develop it further.

Other diversions:

  • Typealyzer, which runs a psychological text analysis to find out the blog author’s personality. This one will never be accurate for the Puddles blog (it says I’m an ESFP, when I’m really an INFJ). I rarely write ‘me’ in blog posts because that would be far too dull for reader and author alike. I, like many other bloggers, write for an audience. I want to inform and entertain as well as be myself here. So, yes, I agree with the assessment but this assessment doesn’t reflect me, rather the ‘me: the author of this blog’… if that makes sense.
  • OFaust is also a fun diversion, which likens your prose to that of a famous literary author. It yelled at me because I didn’t give it enough content. I’ll have to dig up some creative work and plug that in sometime.

For more on Personality Type and the Myers-Briggs Personality Type that Typealyzer refers to, see this resource. The Wikipedia entry also has a list of free tests that you may take.

Oh and apologies for the Rocky reference. Will that show never leave my brain??