Recent puddles

Photo by Anne Morris on Unsplash


In which I compose holiday haiku for 2020.

Rogue Leader

In which a squadron finds a leader.


In which mangers are blocks and bits of glass.


In which a lighthearted Friday afternoon spent looking up TOP vids takes a turn.

Of Dawnshard

In which I read and enjoy Dawnshard by Brandon Sanderson.


In which we find a quiet moment to drift.


In which I move the blog to higher ground to prevent its submersion.

Thinking Noise

In which I read and write to the sounds of turbocharged Wright Cyclones.

Recent Discoveries

In which there are warbirds, mysterious sculptures, ocean vistas, and Edwardian castles–but not all at once.

Of Tea and Scones

In which Jen sips tea and witnesses many beautiful things.