The Godfather of Soul Says Hello

At 7am this morning, cleaning the bathroom was not nearly as appealing as snuggling deeper into my warm bed. I went back to sleep and dreamed of James Brown. He was walking by in a procession, dressed in his typical performance garb although the color was darker and more subdued than his usual threads. He came up to the guy standing next to me and shook his hand and said, “James Brown says ‘Hello’ ” and then James Brown walked on.

I have no idea why James Brown was in my dream, why he referred to himself in the third person or why the hell he didn’t shake MY hand. It’s my freakin’ dream! Oh and the lucky bastard who did touch the undead Hand was some guy who used to work at Avers, who I haven’t even thought of, well enough seen in years. Frell.

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I’m digging on James Brown. Tower Of Power was in Atlantic city last night and it was another sold out show. Somebody couldn’t decided, so ordering tickets was put off to long. ($27-$47) DEpressing- missing this one. This was three BIG 4 0 this year, that’s a long time for a bigger band. Remember seeing them at Valley Forage Music Fair?
As they sing- Funk the dumb stuff!!! Now I’m gonna have to put that cd on. Love you.


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