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Of Monks and Samurai

A few things I’ve recently wanted to read or see:


  • The Host by Stephanie Meyer. I’m about 140 pages in and it’s decent thus far. It’s certainly a nice break from a certain stupid shiny vampire.
  • Books by Maureen Johnson. I’ve been meaning to pick up some of her books for awhile now. Since I’ve been on a YA lit kick lately, I thought I’d give them a read over Thanksgiving.
  • The Monk by Matthew Lewis. This was on the syllabus for a Victorian Literature class I took and I didn’t quite get around to reading all of it. OK, I didn’t read much of it at all. Better late than never? Dark might be a nice change.


  • Samurai Champloo. I’ve been waiting to see this since seeing the name Shinichirio Watanabe (Cowyboy Bebop) jumped out at me from an unassuming DVD sitting on a shelf at Best Buy. I’ll be able to cross this one off my list tomorrow: Tim and I are doing a ‘thon.
  • Eden. This is a newly-released Irish film that I may have to wait until it is released on DVD to see. This review piqued my interest. I’m intrigued by the mention of ‘old’ versus ‘new’ Ireland.