Web Albums

In anticipation of the many photos I hope to be taking, I’m reevaluating web album options. I’m sticking to free services, since I’m not a photographer, just someone who occasionally takes photos. I want all of my photos in one place where I can share, organize and access them from anywhere.

I already have an account at Flickr (which I haven’t used since I created it back when Puddles was a bloggy-fetus) but I’ve noticed that Flickr is sometimes slow to load, even with the connection I have at work. Picasa is another option and, because Google services have taken over my life, it seems like an obvious choice. There is also Zooomr (for more info, see here– it’s irritating that this info isn’t easily accessible!), which seems to have more tagging muscle for meta-obsessed Jennies.

It would be nice if there were some sharp widgets for WordPress for whatever web album service I go with too.