Pacific Northwest Trip

Photos from Pacific Northwest trip (Portland, Northern California sequoia country, and Seattle) in April 2012.


Autumn Excursion

In which incredible autumn weather prompts me to make a scenic trip to Spring Mill State Park, Tim suggests a visit to St. Meinrad Archabbey, and I take lots of photos of buildings.



In which I have a birthday outing to the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art, enjoy art, and snap a couple photos.

Diversions Gardening


Playing with TiltShift Maker. I also did some plant maintenance at work this morning, since some were sick, getting too big for their pots, or going into hibernation. I always think my shamrock is dying before remembering, oh right, it has a cycle, it’s just resting for the winter. I have lots of cuttings at […]

Diversions Movies

Of Castles and Damsels in Distress

I accompanied Russell on a location scouting excursion to Loveland, Ohio yesterday (not far north of Cincinnati). Russell found himself in of need of a castle for a film adaptation of his stage play, The Babbling Banshee. Being the obses- I mean, aspiring, clever independent filmmaker that he is, he found a castle about 2 […]


Holiday Break

Update on my previous post: the package turned up. Yay! Call off the dogs, Comrades. We had a nice Christmas spent at Mom and David’s. I got some nice goodies and I had more than enough money to get a camera. I’m still playing with settings and doing a lot of consulting in the manual […]

Health Life

Photos Up

I finally put up a few photos from vacation. It occurs to me that they are all of buildings and scenery. Russ and I don’t appear in any of them. If pressed, I suppose we have no real photo evidence that we were there at all. Too bad, I got a cute hair cut before leaving, […]

News & Events

Of night and light and the half-light

I subscribed to’s The Big Picture a few months ago and have seen some really beautiful photos from around the world. Today the site features photos from Mumbai. One photo in particular really moved me. The lighting makes the woman’s hands look like those of a statue, every wrinkle and vein seemingly hewn out […]


Web Albums

In anticipation of the many photos I hope to be taking, I’m reevaluating web album options. I’m sticking to free services, since I’m not a photographer, just someone who occasionally takes photos. I want all of my photos in one place where I can share, organize and access them from anywhere. I already have an […]

Theatre Web Design

Nothing Makes Me Whine Like…

… hours and hours of coding. Since I’m learning, I tend to spend hours trying to do something (like using CSS to mimic a table) before discovering that there is an easier way. Head desk. Live and learn. On a brighter note, the photo gallery for The Babbling Banshee is now up! These photos were […]