In which I have a birthday outing to the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art, enjoy art, and snap a couple photos.

I took the day off for my birthday this year. Russ and I needed to be in Indianapolis in the morning so I took the opportunity to see the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art. The pieces were fascinating.

Spouse-Creature and I await our lunch on the cafe patio. The sun also makes an appearance.

I don’t know much about art and I know even less about the art of American Indians. What I found most striking was the variety in the arts of peoples from different geographies. This should have been obvious. Sadly, my idea of Indian art has been hitherto limited to Navajo silver and turquoise. There is so much more though: gorgeous beadwork, woodwork, and weaving. And, as is he case with every culture, art–both in form and function–is determined by the land.

View of the Canal from the cafe patio
View of the Canal from the cafe patio

If you have the opportunity to go, I highly recommend the Eiteljorg. In addition to the fine collection, the museum itself is gorgeous: beautiful wood and stone and the clever use of space to give the impression of expansiveness. These photos represent a few pics from the day. I’ll upload more to my Flickr account when I have a moment. The Eiteljorg is a great place for photography enthusiasts. Photography was allowed in all of the exhibits (except for the special exhibit area, which wasn’t open when we were there). There’s a three-story water exhibit in the parking garage stairwell that I wish I had framed in a photo better rather than just pointing and clicking. The museum interiors (think light and space) and  patio cafe and outside garden area were also photo worthy.