Get Your Gmail Stickers

Snail mail in a self-addressed stamped envelope and get Gmail stickers in return. I don’t make these things up. Get your requests in by February 14th. What a curious gimmick!

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Cash Cow

Catherine Hardwicke found another way to cash in on the movie franchise she lost. Hardwicke’s book, Twilight: Director’s Notebook, will be published just days before the DVD release of Twilight. The story and details are here. There is little to recommend Hardwicke’s work as a director on this film (I haven’t seen her other films), […]


In Which I Ramble and Bore All

Curious thing: I feel incredibly busy but have no recent accomplishments to speak of. OK, who among you is wasting my time? Sigh. The answer is me but this weekend wasn’t a complete washout- I worked more than usual this weekend (money is useful), got the Banshee film blog up and running (if only the […]