Holy Glittering Vampires, Batman!

Batman and Superman have HAD IT with moody vampires and horny werewolves. Written by Kevin Van Hook and illustrated by Tom Mandrake, the collected six-part miniseries by DC Comics can be found in-stores on July 29th. Analysis: superheroes and lame creatures are out of the picture and this can only mean one thing. Zombies, this […]


Your Moment of WTF

Jenny McGee here, with this offering, fresh outta the Twitterverse. Bella’s Womb. Made. out. of. felt. Are YOU hankered with that Crafty Feeling? Felt a uterus swollen with demon spawn! Now with spine-crushing, womb-ripping mutant fetus! Folks, I couldn’t make this up. Cause seriously, W. T. F. The Wrong has yet to subside from where […]

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Cash Cow

Catherine Hardwicke found another way to cash in on the movie franchise she lost. Hardwicke’s book, Twilight: Director’s Notebook, will be published just days before the DVD release of Twilight. The story and details are here. There is little to recommend Hardwicke’s work as a director on this film (I haven’t seen her other films), […]