Holy Glittering Vampires, Batman!

Batman and Superman have HAD IT with moody vampires and horny werewolves. Written by Kevin Van Hook and illustrated by Tom Mandrake, the collected six-part miniseries by DC Comics can be found in-stores on July 29th.

Analysis: superheroes and lame creatures are out of the picture and this can only mean one thing.

Zombies, this is your time! Imagine the franchising possibilities. The story: wide-eyed 17 year old Girl, with no personality and no interests of her own, falls _In Love_ with a cold, moldering, and generally _Amazing Guy_, who must battle his desire to feast on her flesh in order to be with Girl. Uh… oh, wait. Damn. I had some really cool tag lines in the works too.

Dead of Night. Sure, he prefers brunettes but he loves her for her brains.

30 Days of Twilight by Joel Watson