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The M Rivers

Had a relaxing time in Saint Louis this past weekend. As it turns out, it’s a shorter drive to St. Louis (4 hours) than it is to Chicago. Note. To. Self.

Cindy and Bryan very graciously relinquished their weekend to play host and tour guide. We decided to do the uber-touristy thing and ride up the arch. Since it was overcast, we couldn’t see out over the city. We could, however, look straight down and see barges and nearby traffic. I can safely say that this is the most impressive piece of monumental architecture I’ve personally witnessed. Very cool. We attempted to do some museums (which are free) in Forest Park but ran out of time. There is also a zoo there which I must see sometime.

And did we eat well in St. Louis. For brunch we visited the Scottish Arms and were Russell partook of a yummy heart attack on a plate (I think it was called the Highland Hangover) and I had eggs and bangers. For dinner we all went to a local Italian place called Talayna’s in Chesterfield. There I experienced fried ravioli (delicious!) and pretty good lasagna (I am PICKY about my lasagna).

I got to see a very swollen Mississippi River (Lewis and Clark looked like they were wading in chest-deep water from their pedestal) and I crossed the Missouri River on an early morning ride.

The Western boundary of ‘Places I’ve Been’ is nudged a bit further. Some day, Russell and I will get out to the West Coast.

I’ll try to find some time this week to upload some a pic or two.