In Which She Learns More Wiki Markup

I’ve been working on beefing up wiki entries on all things Jackal, since I have been stewing on numerous points that really need to be written down somewhere that is not loose bits of paper or forgotten GoogleDocs.

I got stuck when trying to frame out a timeline, so I let it be for the moment in favor of working on some of the rules for the universe I’m writing. I needed to figure out veils and gates and parallel realities, mythology and folklore from a variety of sources (ancient Egyptian, shape-shifting lore from all over) and, most importantly, the human dimension that will make this whole thing work. Once I started hashing out these background details, the big plot pieces that were troubling me started to fall into place. Ah hah!

So, even with clean up and additions to the wiki, I am happy to report that I have much, much more to add. It’s almost as if I’m beginning to get somewhere.