More Walks

The most recent walk was win but first, Walks 2009.002.

On Wednesday, we circuited Wal-Mart, which was a less than stellar experience but I had good company, we kept a good pace, and I picked up a few things we were low on afterward. I wouldn’t rule out Wal-Mart for future walks though. There’s always great people watching at Wally World, after all. In fact, I saw a guy who used to (and, as a recent report suggests, still does) manage at Domino’s on the south side. I *think* his name was James? Maybe. Good guy.

Saturday was cold in the morning, so we opted to go to College Mall for Walks 2009.003. We were probably the youngest walkers there at 8 am but this rather suited me. I enjoyed being at the mall during off-hours. I rarely go to the mall but when I do, it’s always with a purpose. Get in, get what I need, and get out. This time however, I found myself window browsing, which is, admittedly, hard to do at the brisk pace we set. I marveled in the freedom to window shop, something I just don’t do in malls it seems. All totaled, we walked at least two, maybe three miles.

The only qualm I had with the mall walk: giggling. High pitched, electronic, creepy-ass children giggling. It would seem the mall gods leave on the kiddie rides that occupy one of the main intersections, the ones with the sound of giggling children. Without the usual piped music and human-flesh present, the sound isn’t diffused or absorbed, it’s amplified. It echoes. Suddenly, Jenny is hissing in an alcove, claws bared. There is a reason why I refused to be in the same room as Russell when he watched The Omen. Can’t. Stand. Creepy. Children.

I eventually got over the feeling of unease and Tim and I chatted on many a good topic, including whether or not the Facebook/Twitter/txting culture has cheapened true human interaction, or if this type of communication serves a different purpose altogether. Do you remember not having cell phones? Internet?

Happy Ides everyone!