Tuning the ‘Tude

This marks the sixth day straight that I’ve blogged. I think that is a record for me. If not, tomorrow will definitely be a record. Wahoo!

This week is one of those weeks in which I can’t afford to have a bad week. I’m in the shakiest point in my monthly cycle (which has been noticeably far more mild than usual, thankfully, but I’m still more emotional than usual), I’m disappointed that my weight isn’t going down in spite of exercise and more mindful eating habits (although this could be combo of cheating last weekend in St. Louis and water retention this week), and I’m feeling incredibly uncreative at the moment (writing has been a disaster lately, I mean look how many parenthetical asides are in this sentence alone!). So, seeing as I have an interview for the job I’ve been waiting for administrators to create in my department since being hired on here almost three years ago, I have decided: I am going to have a good week.

This does not mean that everything will go perfectly. In fact, I’m sure something won’t. However, I can control how I react to unforeseen circumstances. For instance, it is snowing outside folks. April. Snow. I need the sun on my face in order to wake up and feel happy! But hey, it’s not going to happen, so I did my Tweet-whining and now I’m moving on. Besides, everything is so GREEN. Snow is a slow moisture delivery system. Nature is just priming the earth instead of flooding it. And having a good laugh at our expense. Well played, Nature. Well played.

Years working the crazy rush shifts in the pizza biz have taught me, among other things, to be adaptable and cool under pressure. I can SO do this. I’m going to do a little more planning for the week than usual. More balanced meals and fewer sugars will help regulate my moods, so I plan to NOT sabotage my body and instead load up on brain foods. Mom reminded me to pamper myself a little this week. Those who know me know I don’t do this enough, with all of the scrimping Russ and I do, so I’m going to get a haircut. I’ll give myself a mani/pedi. I may even find a new suit in which to interview (I have a back-up but I really ought to have another suit in my wardrobe anyway). Naturally, I’ll wear the power shoes.

Other things I can do make this a good week (month/year/lifetime):

  • Do not beat myself up. Just. Don’t.
  • Make someone else feel good. I’ve been careful lately about setting aside more time for Spouse-creature, for instance, cooking his favorite dinner Saturday night. And crazy thing- he actually reciprocates when I do nice things for him. Behold! The power of karma. Beyond that, I think tons of nice things about people, whom I may or may not know, all of the time but rarely voice these thoughts. I need to open my mouth more often, especially if nice things are bound to come spilling out.
  • Clutter makes me feel less centered. I don’t have time this week but ideally, things would be cleaned and straightened up or, at least more than they are now. I’m NOT going to stress about cleaning the entire apartment, since that’s hardly a realistic goal. However, at the very least, I like having the kitchen and bathroom in order, so I will keep up with that usual routine as well as clean out some clutter from the kitchen. I almost knocked over mugs this morning and realized they’ve been sitting there for over a year untouched. Decluttering always makes me feel better. Into a Goodwill box they go!
  • Budgeting time. I need a schedule. I am flexible and I’m good at adapting as needed but if I don’t have plans to begin with I will waste my time. While this won’t be a problem during the week (in fact, I’ll need to worry more about finding time to relax), I have this Saturday off. If I don’t want to completely waste it, I’ll need a plan. A simple, prioritized list. Written down. To. Do.
  • Finally, the Fun and the Interesting make life worth living. And it is EVERYWHERE. If I’m not seeing the Fun and the Interesting, then the problem is in me, not in the world out there.