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There was Quiet

I could rant about the hacking of my domains (many others were affected as well) but I’m ridiculously over it. If you’d like to see that stuff, my Twitter and Facebook statuses were pretty much real-time reactions. The admin had the incredibly tedious and lengthy task of rebuilding the server before he could bring it back online. He did this pretty damn quickly, in my opinion. And I am GRATEFUL. However, I don’t look forward to redoing a lot of the Starrynight website (the CSS is frelled and PHPList seems to have said, ARSY). But I’m not worrying about it now.  Little 500 wasn’t nearly as heinous as it could have been (I was very surprised not to be there until 11, then again, I open tomorrow) and I’m home, showered, and comfortable again. And I was just now enjoying all of the #drumcorps Tweets from the many corps that are at camp this weekend. So, I’m taking it easy. No ranting.

Instead, I will leave you with- the Friday. Interlude.

Maynard Ferguson, Misra-Dhenuka