And So It May Be

In my 2009 prospectus, I decried resolutions as “stupid.” SCIENCE agrees: link. Instead, I like to think that I have ongoing, long-term goals.

Of last year’s goals, I think I’ve improved the most at being more healthy. Seeing results is nice but I know my body a bit better now too. In 2010, I’ll keep doing cardio 3-4 times a week but I’d like to begin varying workouts with strength training. Now that I know how many calories per day/week I’m consuming, I will also focus on eating meals that are better balanced.

As to being more organized: this could still use work. I’m using more tools to help but sometimes I wonder if I have cotton candy for brains. My memory is horrible. I depend on my iPod Touch to remind me of upcoming vents, compose to-do lists, plan meals and exercise, track my finances, etc. Where I feel like I fail on being organized is minimizing clutter. This 2009 goal I completely failed on. In my defense, this is not entirely within the realm of my control. Russell had no such resolve to make our home less cluttered after all. And if I thought a theatre production created a lot of costume/prop clutter, boy does shooting a film create a mess (and most of the Banshee property isn’t even being stored at our place–thanks Chris and Meagan!). However, there are things of my own I can probably get rid of to free up space. This will definitely be on the Things to Do in 2010.

Looking forward, I’m not sure that I need to add another Big Goal to the heap. Now that I think about it, there are a few long-term goals not mentioned here like paying down debt as quickly as possible, which is hardly a goal, as I don’t have much choice in the matter. I will work on being more thoughtful in 2010. I tend to be frightfully self-absorbed and I don’t always realize when I’m neglecting someone else’s feelings by simply being too caught up in whatever I’m doing. I hate being flaky.

So nothing too crazy in 2010. Sorry about the general boringness of this post. I almost posted this privately but figured that posting publicly would hold me more accountable.

And now, for your patience and fortitude in surviving to the end of this post, a diversion! If you had to sit through just ONE MORE Christmas songvid, it should be this one.