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Scrap of Paper

In which I seek treasure in the stacks and play with mobile website plugins.

Puddles has been silent while I’ve worked through some personal stuff but I needed to log in to upgrade my WordPress install, so I might as well leave some word-barf while I’m here.

By way of a techy aside: in the midst of upgrading WordPress, I was reminded that I wanted to try out the WPtouch plugin, which tacks on a mobile theme for those who are browsing your blog from their phone. This blog doesn’t have enough traffic to warrant a mobile site (and my few loyal readers see new posts via RSS and rarely visit my blog) but if the plugin works well, I might go through the trouble of bringing up something more customized for Starrynight. If you would be so good, take a looksie at my blog in your iPhone/iPod, Blackberry, Smartphone, etc. There’s an option to turn off the mobile site for comparison. Better? Worse? Indifferent?

From ‘my snory life’ department: I was cleaning up my workspace before lunch and found a scrap of paper with a few call numbers scrawled on it. The Scrap of Paper Game! I had forgotten I was playing this game. Backing up–I used to keep long lists of call numbers back when I was a copy cataloger because I dealt with a much larger volume of books then and would happen upon all matter of interesting titles. These would collect until I filled a scrap of paper (~20 books). By that point, I usually wouldn’t have a clue what books I had thought worthy of The Scrap of Paper. When you have super-crappy memory, you constantly piss people off but better, you also litter your life with surprises. $6 in a pair of shorts I wore to work last summer: cheers! Realizing that you’re seeing a movie Tuesday night that you’ve been waiting to see forever: huzzah (the movie is usually decided the previous week)! The Scrap of Paper Game yields similar excitement. What will I FIND?

The only clues are usually the call number classifications. This time, two books were in the GR folklore classification and one was in BL religion and mythology classification. I ventured to the seventh floor of the stacks (taking the stairs!) where I found some collections of ancient Egyptian stories. A treasure! A find! Making a note to jot down call numbers more often.

The result: I now have two more books checked out (one of the three book didn’t have a focus that interested me) that I have to struggle to find time to read. I’ve added them to my Goodreads account, if you’re curious as to the particulars.

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I really like the mobile interface, to the point that I need to make a mental note to grab it myself. (I have no idea whether anyone reading my various blogs CARES, but it’s nice functionality to have just-in-case.) On a mobile browser, it definitely is much better than the standard theme. It’s pretty plain-looking, but I think that’s a good thing for a mobile interface because it makes for faster loading and easier viewing on a tiny screen. Functionality and simplicity wins over pretty-fancy every time, mobilly speaking. (Is that a word?…)

I should go upgrade too, I suppose…


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