Health Life


In which I knit, spurn milk and get used to ultra-short (for me) hair.

Thanks to Jessie, I’ve been learning to KNIT.  My first project is a scarf with alternating knit and purl stitches, nothing too fancy. I can’t say that I like knitting any more or less than crochet–I’ve only just begun. I can, however, say that knitting doesn’t give me the repetitive stress problems that crocheting did (different movement). Knitting, I’ve found, is just as addictive as crochet. Maybe it’s just the zone-out appeal, kind of like when I was doing latch hook as a kid. Just craft and dream.

A piece of knitting (in progress) made from a wool, silk, and nylon blend sits on a bed. A cat sits nearby.
Evidence of yarn industry. Also Libby.

In other news, I’ve had digestive problems for a week and a half now. Even though I’m not tracking calories anymore, I still pay pretty close attention to what I eat–and I have no idea what could be bothering me. I’m not ready to run to the doctor just yet (I’ve been there twice in as many months) but I needed to do something. So yesterday, I cut milk out of my diet. The only dairy I ate yesterday was half a tablespoon of butter on my bagel. Today I tried margarine on the bagel instead. I’ve felt much better today but it’s probably too soon to know anything conclusive. The experiment continues.

Oh and the hairs done been cut, if you haven’t already seen on Facebook or ::gasp:: in PERSON.

Right. That is all, comrades.