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It’s that time of year again! Today marks the autumnal equinox, which in my mind means many things: Layers! sweaters, cord coats, scarves…Pumpkin hunting (miss you Mom, Dad, Jes)Long rides in the woods (miss that too!)Apple ciderBanned books Oh yes, Banned Books Week begins September 27th. Head over to your library’s website and place a […]

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Is that a Banana in Your Pocket?

Does anyone have a child I can borrow? There was much in the way of limb flailing and high-pitched sounds, friends. Tim was witness- one of many at an otherwise sleepy Old Navy. Come on, who can’t resist a kid in a monkey suit? In addition to inappropriate outbursts, Tim was also the victim (willing victim, […]


Beware the Ides!

Ah, tis the Ides of March! And… Saint Patrick’s Day? The Vatican thought it was necessary to move the holiday to the 15th of March this year because St. Patrick’s Day (normally falling on March 17th) occurs during a Catholic Holy week. Huh. You know, I’ve been thinking; Christmas falling on a Thursday this year […]