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For those who want a discount on books: I got an email from Borders this morning urging me to visit the newly revamped (they broke off from amazon awhile back). They’ve increased the graphics (it’s a broadband world), made use of bookshelf browse (same idea as LibraryThing only prettier), and put more of their exclusives and interviews front and center. Taking the tour will earn a 40% coupon (good through tomorrow) and a chance to enter a sweepstakes for a $1,000 gift card.

This just in: today is parenthetical commentary day in JenLand.

Of interest to bibliophiles, ABC for Book Collectors (Carter & Barker, 8th ed.) is now available in full online. I bought the 8th ed. for the Descriptive Bibliography class with Joel Silver a few years ago. I’ve used it a number of times since graduating (the only other class-bought text that has earned this honor is a XHTML/CSS book). ABC is a staple reference for book collectors and historians.

DCI update: Crown placed third in the Southwestern Championship in San Antonio behind BD and the Green Machine (1st and 2nd). W00t! Two and half weeks…