Note to Self

I’ve been feeling off lately. There are times when it is more intense than others. Changing my diet, regulating sleep and keeping a more positive attitude have helped but I still have… moments. And then I realized what my problem was. It’s the same problem I had last year but didn’t realize it and hence, suffered for it.

Self, it’s me. Listen up. This is your yearly reminder.

Don’t confuse being alone with loneliness.
The first is a state of being, the later an emotion.
You feel lonely in Autumn; you are alone in Spring.
You’d think it would be the other way around.
You’d think these things would be negative.
Neither is true, not for you.

You’ve always known this.
Even when you’re not paying attention.

Autumn brings lonely creatures together to face down the cold in unison.
Late Winter brings upheaval.
Spring brings the reset.
You find yourself now more introverted, almost craving solitude.

You need this time to yourself.

Others will have to understand.
The restlessness will come.
You will seek out others soon enough.