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And Then There was Distraction

I’m going through my GoogleReader bookmarks again. Here are a few stuffs I found.

Dirty Librarian Chains. There are quite a few unique-looking necklaces and bracelets (and rings and earings too). They are out of my price range but fun to look at. I like Archive, Due Date, Publication and Source Bracelet in particular but I find others pretty too. A few of the piece names gave me a chuckle, like Sudocs. Clearly, someone in this company knows the library world. It’s probably not a coincidence that the jewelry line’s acronym is DLC, which is also the OCLC library code for the Library of Congress.

Pauline from DCPL's Commons
DCPL Commons. Washington D.C. Public Library recently joined the numerous other libraries now on Flickr’s Commons. They don’t have much up yet, but I expect that to change in the near future. This picture is from the Color Images set. Apparently President Taft had a pet cow.

European Library Web Exhibit. Beautiful old libraries are almost as appealing to me, historically and aesthetically, as the treasures that these buildings house. This site best for the casual browser. There is no search function, which is wildly irritating.  They have a few different indexes: Buildings, Countries, Reading Rooms and Specials (I assume the later refers to special libraries). The display of results in the Buildings index doesn’t seem to be much different than the other indexes, so it’s a bit confusing. Platform faults aside, there are some pretties to be looked at here.

Grow Your Own: Fresh Air. This is a short TEDTalks delivered by Kamal Meattle on how the addition of common household plants can improve air quality in the home and office, improving health, wellness and productivity.

To find other TEDTalks, see this spreadsheet for a complete listing by speaker, title, summary and publication date. Includes links.

This linkalicious post is brought to you by Distraction.