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Don’t Let Friends Blog Tired

Ugh, put this off again. OK, focus Jen.

Spouse Creature and I went out to partake of a carb-filled dinner this evening. We came back and I decided to take a forty minute walk in the last of the sunlight. By the time I got back from my walk, I was tired and the laundry was finally done. Now, it is 10:30 and I’m really, REALLY ready for bed. And yet still, I blog for you, oh gentle readers!

I’m more than halfway through Ink Exchange and I’m enjoying it. Leslie still isn’t my favorite character in the Wicked Lovely ‘Verse but she’s growing on me. The pacing in this book is a bit more stop-and-go than it was in Wicked Lovely but not to a fault.

And I’m going to change subjects suddenly because it’s that kind of night.

I’ve been wanting to play Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, of all things. I have Twlight Princess. For whatever reason, I just feel like going old school. Plus the music rocks.

OK. I’m out. Brain off now. Must remember to blog early in the day tomorrow. I can’t hide how dull I truly am if I’m punchy.

Looking forward to some amazing weather this weekend.