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The M Rivers

Had a relaxing time in Saint Louis this past weekend. As it turns out, it’s a shorter drive to St. Louis (4 hours) than it is to Chicago. Note. To. Self. Cindy and Bryan very graciously relinquished their weekend to play host and tour guide. We decided to do the uber-touristy thing and ride up […]


Holy Glittering Vampires, Batman!

Batman and Superman have HAD IT with moody vampires and horny werewolves. Written by Kevin Van Hook and illustrated by Tom Mandrake, the collected six-part miniseries by DC Comics can be found in-stores on July 29th. Analysis: superheroes and lame creatures are out of the picture and this can only mean one thing. Zombies, this […]


Headlines: a How-not-to Guide

During lunch, I read a baffling headline in today’s print edition of the Indiana Daily Student. The story appears online with an altered headline but here is what I saw: “Students to march in protest: event proclaims dismay with troops in Iraq” The ugly sentence construction misleads readers. My initial interpretation of this headline was […]


Post from Pan

Testing WordPress for iPhone app. I can post to multiple blogs either on or offline with my iTouch (Pan). There doesn’t appear to be a way to include hyperlinked text, so I’ll write out the HTML here. Ah, the app saw that I was inputting a link and gave me a helper. It appears that […]


Inevitable(?) Follies

I have finally joined the Facebook Empire under my gmail address, should you wish to look me up.

Musical Interlude

Friday Intergrove

“Sweet Bulgarity” from Lament for the 21st Century by Brendan Power accompanied by Lucy Randall. Find more information about Brendan Power here and here.Find more information about Lucy Randall here and here. Runner-up video by the same here. An interesting twist on a couple of traditional Irish tunes.

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She Makes with Lots of Shiny

You may have read somewhere (on Twitter or maybe I blogged about it?) that Howl, my beloved iPod, died. Tim lent me his for the time being and, knowing my birthday was coming up, suggested that I opt for a Nano or an iPod Touch. I was taken with the Touch: wifi web browsability, mail […]


More Walks

The most recent walk was win but first, Walks 2009.002. On Wednesday, we circuited Wal-Mart, which was a less than stellar experience but I had good company, we kept a good pace, and I picked up a few things we were low on afterward. I wouldn’t rule out Wal-Mart for future walks though. There’s always […]


In Which She Learns More Wiki Markup

I’ve been working on beefing up wiki entries on all things Jackal, since I have been stewing on numerous points that really need to be written down somewhere that is not loose bits of paper or forgotten GoogleDocs. I got stuck when trying to frame out a timeline, so I let it be for the […]


Power of Repetition

In writing a recent post over at Puddles, I realized that I have a tendency to use repetition quite a bit. In the aforementioned post, I ended a few of the paragraphs with a refrain. It’s not the same every time but it is structured in a specific way: [sentence]. [1-2 words]. [single word]. If […]