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Kill Your Lawn!

I saw this on Boing Boing awhile back and it stuck with me. It stems from an experience I had while I stayed in Sligo for two weeks. My roomie and I opted for a guest house arrangement with a very wonderful woman who had a garden instead of a lawn, something that seemed to […]

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Still Alive

I’m past the whiny phase of being sick, so it’s probably safe to post again. The flu completely kicked my arse this week. I woke up Saturday feeling fine and by Sunday morning I couldn’t move or eat without being sick. The sinus pressure in my face was so bad that my teeth were throbbing. […]

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Senior Wii Sports

Skokie Public Library hosts Senior Wii Sports night. See the Flickr set here. They look like they’re having a good time! I recently heard that Russell’s 90+ grandmother has discovered the joys of Wikipedia and Google. She could not believe that no one had bought her a computer sooner (even though quite a few family […]


Unexpected Life

When I was little, I wanted nothing more than to be a quadruped and run around in the woods all day. I’ve wanted to be a veterinarian, a writer, a traveler, and a spy. My musician phase lasted quite a while- I dreamed of mastering them all. These days, I’d settle for traditional Irish fiddler. […]

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Books and Music

For those who want a discount on books: I got an email from Borders this morning urging me to visit the newly revamped (they broke off from amazon awhile back). They’ve increased the graphics (it’s a broadband world), made use of bookshelf browse (same idea as LibraryThing only prettier), and put more of their […]


Farthest from the Madding Book

Dear Tom, Why do you do this to me? I wish to read all of your Wessex novels unabridged, truly I do, but you have made it exceedingly difficult to get through Far from the Madding Crowd. It would be one thing if you were one of those verbose authors, typical of 19th century, but […]

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And Rambling Ensued

Crown beats the Cadets The Cadets have been on top (or damn near) for the duration of the relatively short time I’ve followed DCI. For a fairly new corp to come along and upset one of the top scoring corps… Well, check out this YouTube user for full shows from Crown, Cadets and Crusaders (placing […]

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Actions Speak Louder

“Straight talk,” huh? I tried to keep an open mind. I tried to focus solely on McCain’s policies and his past voting record when making judgments. And then this post on Michael Sauer’s blog appeared in my feed reader (thanks, Michael!). Now, not only do I think McCain’s policies are critically flawed, I believe the […]