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Note to Self: Don’t Kill

If you are one of two thousand people waiting outside of a large chain store, waiting for your chance to get an awesome Black Friday deal on a plasma TV, a few things should be apparent to you. First, the crowd surrounding you is mix of old, young, frail and hale; however, even the young […]

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A drawback of seeking out warmer weather: allergies. When I left Indiana, frosts had pretty much eliminated that problem. Here, not so much. I have a lot of sinus pressure and was glad Russell wanted to spend the day in. It must be a little amusing watching me move around. The room tends to do […]

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Sea and Sky

We’ve arrived safely in Pensacola, Florida. Our rooms at the B&B are beautiful and the proprietors are very friendly (both originally from northwest Jersey). In fact, everyone we’ve met here is extremely friendly. And laid back. The town has a lot of history and has a pretty unique blend of cultural influences apparent in the […]

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I see flurries! I tried to get a picture (I’m borrowing Tim and Sara’s Canon for the next week, so I can get a feel for what kind of camera to get for Christmas- donations to the camera are welcome 🙂 ) but the snow didn’t show up. In other news, Russell and I have […]


Web Albums

In anticipation of the many photos I hope to be taking, I’m reevaluating web album options. I’m sticking to free services, since I’m not a photographer, just someone who occasionally takes photos. I want all of my photos in one place where I can share, organize and access them from anywhere. I already have an […]


Show Me How to Live

We all build our own cages. I’ve spent many a minute this day composing lists including but not limited to: ‘things to do before vacation’, ‘things to pack for vacation’, ‘this week’s meals’, ‘frell, when vacation ends it will be December’, ‘massive cleaning (revised)’ and the ‘I’ve put this off forever’ list.  In fact, I […]

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Of Monks and Samurai

A few things I’ve recently wanted to read or see: Reading The Host by Stephanie Meyer. I’m about 140 pages in and it’s decent thus far. It’s certainly a nice break from a certain stupid shiny vampire. Books by Maureen Johnson. I’ve been meaning to pick up some of her books for awhile now. Since […]


The Godfather of Soul Says Hello

At 7am this morning, cleaning the bathroom was not nearly as appealing as snuggling deeper into my warm bed. I went back to sleep and dreamed of James Brown. He was walking by in a procession, dressed in his typical performance garb although the color was darker and more subdued than his usual threads. He […]

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Follow Your Star

News I’m excited about: DCI just announced that the alumni of Star of Indiana (the same folks who later created Blast) will be giving an exhibition performance at the 2010 World Championships in Indianapolis. Star will be doing a ‘best of’ from their past shows. They MUST do Medea from their 1993 show (the corp’s […]



WordPress Plugins As you may have guessed from my previous post, I installed a couple plugins yesterday. RSS Footer allows you to add a custom footer that will appear on each post in your feed. WP Existing Tags displays all of your tags in post-writing mode. The later was something I missed about Blogger. Opening […]