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Libraries on the Go (and We’re Losing the Mule)

I need to get this post out early so I’ll have time to prep and relax when I get home for tomorrow afternoon’s interview (wish me luck). This post probably won’t be very well crafted (as if yesterday’s post was well-crafted and meaningful!). There are, however, a few things going on in Library Land that […]

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Brave New Worlds

In my mind, the interwebs is an alternate universe. As an optimist, I prefer thinking of the World Wide Web as some sort of Utopian experiment. You’re laughing. Oh no, I won’t deny that porn makes up about half of the content on the web (I suppose this content IS someone’s idea of Utopia); however, […]

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Stupid English-Centric Girl

Jen rejoices: Catalan language translation courtesy of Google Translate.

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Bait and Switch

I’ve been floundering for a few days now debating on whether or not to post about McCain’s VP choice. I feel sickened, insulted and a little hopeless. I don’t even feel like posting in full anymore. Instead, I’ll point to some posts of interest. Why I feel insulted.This and this are why I feel sickened. […]

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Senior Wii Sports

Skokie Public Library hosts Senior Wii Sports night. See the Flickr set here. They look like they’re having a good time! I recently heard that Russell’s 90+ grandmother has discovered the joys of Wikipedia and Google. She could not believe that no one had bought her a computer sooner (even though quite a few family […]

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Actions Speak Louder

“Straight talk,” huh? I tried to keep an open mind. I tried to focus solely on McCain’s policies and his past voting record when making judgments. And then this post on Michael Sauer’s blog appeared in my feed reader (thanks, Michael!). Now, not only do I think McCain’s policies are critically flawed, I believe the […]

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Of Things that are Good

Libraries My public library saves me $275 a month. How much is your library worth to you? Banging on Random Objects Tim (a.k.a., the coolest here’s-a-free-ticket guy ever) let me tag along with him to see STOMP last night at the IU Auditorium. Good times! The show runs tonight also, should anyone be looking for […]

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Play nice and share

A life philosophy? Sure, sure. Contrawise, I want to see if anyone else is using Google Documents. If not, is anyone interested in trying it out? I’d like to play around with Google Doc’s shared document feature. If you’re interested, email me. Ebook training today. W00t! It’s quite similar to electronic resource cataloging, with some […]


Book Descriptions

Feeling too lazy to swing a rough translation of a book I was cataloging, I looked the book up in and had Google translate the description. The results are below but what does it mean? The left is capilotade and rebuilding is valid. Some want the press center, others on the left antilibérale. But […]


LC and Flickr Team Up

I read over on the LC blog that the Library of Congress launched a pilot project recently with Flickr. LC uploaded over 3,000 photos (all out of copyright) to a Flickr account in hopes of learning something from how users tag photos. LC wishes to capitalize on the social tagging in Flickr in order enhance […]