‘Banshee’ Update

For today’s BEDA, I posted over at the Babbling Banshee Blog. I gave a brief update on yesterday’s filming of The Babbling Banshee, an indie film produced by Starrynight Productions, the Spouse Creature’s film and theatre company. See the April 5th BEDA post here.


Holy Glittering Vampires, Batman!

Batman and Superman have HAD IT with moody vampires and horny werewolves. Written by Kevin Van Hook and illustrated by Tom Mandrake, the collected six-part miniseries by DC Comics can be found in-stores on July 29th. Analysis: superheroes and lame creatures are out of the picture and this can only mean one thing. Zombies, this […]

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She Makes with Lots of Shiny

You may have read somewhere (on Twitter or maybe I blogged about it?) that Howl, my beloved iPod, died. Tim lent me his for the time being and, knowing my birthday was coming up, suggested that I opt for a Nano or an iPod Touch. I was taken with the Touch: wifi web browsability, mail […]

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Great Big Music

Meant to post about the Great Big Sea concert a week ago but er, life. To sum up: awesome. The boys were well-rested and were just starting to tour again. The music was excellent but the balance was bad at certain points. Sean was drowned out a few times. From our vantage point, Bob was […]


DCI World Class 2009 Programs

For those of us following along at home, here is a list of 2009 programs as announced by competing DCI World Class corps. I’ve also included links to #drumcorps who are on Twitter. This list is as complete as possible at time of posting. I will Tweet future updates to this list on my Twitter […]

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Weekend Redux

My weekend slipped by once again. There were a few fun highlights in the mix of Aver’s (Fri, Sat and Sun shifts), web maintenance, and Banshee blogging. I hung out with Tim for a bit, went out with the hubby on Sunday and I managed to squeeze in some reading (Drawing of the Three, Stephen […]


Legend of Dolls Being Human

I never got around to watching Dollhouse last night because I was distracted by the pilot episode for Being Human, a BBC show about a co-habitating vampire, werewolf and ghost. The show isn’t groundbreaking but I am intrigued enough to look for the currently airing season. I’ve seen Being Human described as a cross between […]

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If you are following me on Twitter, you already know that Tim and I hit the road Saturday morning for Columbus, Ohio to see the musical Spring Awakening at Palace Theatre. Tim already gave an account of the weekend and, since I’m feeling lazy, I won’t recount every detail. I enjoyed the show and the […]

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Cash Cow

Catherine Hardwicke found another way to cash in on the movie franchise she lost. Hardwicke’s book, Twilight: Director’s Notebook, will be published just days before the DVD release of Twilight. The story and details are here. There is little to recommend Hardwicke’s work as a director on this film (I haven’t seen her other films), […]

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